Aiwa Shelf Stereo

Written by admin on February 15th, 2011

These Aiwa Shelf Stereos have the undisputed components that are infused to bring out the best sound. The 20 track music calendar is complied with an advanced auto changer which has a 3-disc system. The built-in power subwoofers are certainly an added advantage of the Aiwa shelf stereos. Moreover, there is a 2-way speaker system and blank skip play with an optical digital output. The other features that make the Aiwa special are the 15 Watts per Channel Speaker Amplifier (min). Regardless of the tabletop stereo system’s model, Aiwa table top stereo remote control may operate in any versions of Stereos.

Aiwa Home Stereos functions range from volume, pause, stop to display, mode, band and function. The exceptionally grand component is the Dolby Pro Logic Surround System that powers the best sound output. It is particularly the unique sleek design that is ultimately the reason for such a huge reach-out for the product range in Aiwa shelf stereo. The vertical slot-load CD player is a space-saving feature with about 10 centimeters width that is just the right matter that makes us possible for bookshelf use or use in our desktop. The sound clarity is achieved with the incorporation of BBE circuitry.

Giving special attention to the bass effects, these Aiwa Shelf Stereos have been included with Super T-Bass for altering the bass effects as per the listener’s choice. Other salient features include Dolby B noise reduction option, fluorescent display and a digital synthesizer along with RDS-EON. Aiwa Shelf Stereos have an added Q Surround for the best music effect. The bass reflex speakers that are made in tune with the main Shelf Stereos have a delicate and coherent appearance. Most of Aiwa Stereos can be chosen between black or white external surfaces or titanium-silver center console that is presented in the best finish.

Aiwa Shelf Stereos have the best accommodating features that enable us not only to counter the space less problems, but it is indeed a pride to own this practically small, rich and effective system of sound reproduction. The other key features include accessories such as remote control, FM antenna, and AM Loop antenna. The capacity of discs varies with each Stereos, where sometimes the number of discs that can be functioned can be one, three or even five. Since Aiwa is leading in developing innovative technologies in the Aiwa Shelf Stereos, there is always an uptrend in each new launch of Stereos.


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